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Perogy cat has a proposition

Perogy cat has a proposition

The Perogy Cat is the Legends mascot and star of the Magic Teeth Dailies, a comic strip written and illustrated by our very own Gareth Gaudin.

A resident of Victoria, the Perogy Cat is fond of the Beatles and Kids in the Hall, and currently has a crush on Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies.

All your Perogy Cat action can be found at www.magicteeth.ca or at Legends Comics and Books but if you want — nay, need — more of Perogy Cat in any kind of spin-off or strange permutation that you could possibly think of, just email Gareth. (Chances are, he’ll do his best to oblige.)

(Hint: Perogy Cat has been eyeing an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas. Look into it.)

Cat in a hole 1 Cat in a hole 2

Also: like any good denizen of the internet, the Perogy Cat has its own Facebook Page.