Legends Comics and Books


Like all retailers, Comic Shops are struggling because of Covid19.

Join us on MAY 16 AND 17TH for a two-day series of FACEBOOK LIVE sales showcasing amazing retailers and creators across Canada.

Your purchases from stores will go directly to those stores, and purchases from creators will go to the CLLDF to be redistributed where there is need in our community.

We all can’t wait to get back to selling you amazing comics in person! Thank you for your help in making that happen!

Just go to FACEBOOK and open the BE OUR HEROES, CANADA page where they will be broadcasting comic content from 10am to 10pm EST, consisting of retail store Live sales, and creator Q&As and live drawing! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to support Canadian comics retailers. We’re all in this together, and together we can get through it!

Just so you know, LEGENDS COMICS & BOOKS will have their twenty minutes of fame on Saturday May 16 from 3:40pm in our hometown of Victoria, B.C. which is 6:40pm EST.BE OUR HEROES, CANADA