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Oct 19

Kate Beaton’s book Hark! A Vagrant is BRILLIANT.

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the hysterical, historical, creative explosion that is Canada’s own Kate Beaton, please consider doing so. She’s all over the internet. Oh, and her new book is available too: Hark! A Vagrant.

Sep 17

New Magic Teeth issue #45 arrives.

What are my two favourite items from the 20th Century? Why, comic books and vinyl records of course! I guess this is why I spend all of my hard-earned money producing thousands of each. I’m only mentioning it here, because I guess that’s how a real sales pitch is supposed to work. But what do I know?

Sep 16


The spectacular splash page for Batwoman #1

The spectacular splash page for Batwoman #1

Come see us eat our words as we are forced to admit that the DC reboot of 52 new titles is more than a gimmick and more than an excuse to frustrate obsessive completist collectors. In fact we are ecstatically enthusiastic about Grant Morrison’s daring Action Comics (“Because that ain’t Superman!”),Batwoman with visionary art by J. H. Williams III (right), and the unholy wholly original writing of Animal Man by Canada’s genius boy wonder Jeff Lemire. “They” were right. It isn’t time to stop reading DC. It’s time to start!

Aug 7

Crazy Denver Jackson promo video for Legends Comics & Books.

Remember kids, smoking is okay for actors but not for you.

Denver Jackson\’s Legends promo video

Aug 7

Legends Comics & Books Promo Video by Alicia and Marin 2011

Here’s a link to our latest promo video by Marin Nelson and Alicia Kaiser: Legends Promo Spot

Jul 1

Green Lantern #1 for Sale at Legends.

After 18 years on Johnson Street, Legends finally has a Green Lantern #1 for sale!

A rare Silver Age gem! It’s Hal Jordan’s fourth appearance and predates Justice League of America #1 by a few short months. This copy is in a solid VG condition and could be yours for $850.00 (as opposed to the $15,000.00 Near Mint price).

Jul 1

The Moss Street Paint-In is on Saturday July 16th this year and The Perogy Cat will be there.

Velvet Underground and Perogy Cat

This year’s Moss Street Paint-In is occurring on Saturday July 16th, 2011 and Legends’ own Gareth Gaudin will be setting up shop at the corner of Moss and Minto, selling paintings, comics, t-shirts and Perogy Cat dolls. Please stop by and say hello. Paintings don’t sell themselves, y’know. It’s Victoria’s largest annual event but if you’re not there it’ll feel empty.

Jul 1

A new (Bio)Graphic Novel from Joan Thornborrow Steacy!

The technological maelstrom of the 70's had a torrential effect on how we communicated. McLuhan once said " We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us."

Joan Thornborrow  Steacy has produced a heartfelt and intelligent reflection on growing up, education and a person’s realization of their own self-worth. Her elegant drawings evoke a sweet nostalgia for a Toronto of memory and establish her as a meaningful new voice in sequential story-telling. Bravo!

Apr 14

Welcome to the new site!

Hi there! There is a reason Gareth and Lloyd own a bookstore. They are the ultimate Luddites of the publishing universe! While they assiduously assert the value of the printed book, they know it is their responsibility to reach the literati through “the new media,” and are committed to providing a website that is more interesting and more up to date than the usual comic shop advertising venue. Not just news, but facts, fancies, histories, links and discoveries from vintage collections around the world. Visit often and see what you get!!

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