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We've been here a long time.

Legends Comics & Books is distinguished from most comic book stores by its expansive and committed love of the medium and its respect for people who share that love. It is a place where comic books are regarded as art, literature, entertainment and valued collectables. What you’ll experience at our shop is a respectful and mature handling of the medium—with a sense of humour and light heartedness intact.


Legends carries the complete scope of current comics and graphic novels from mainstream and independent publishers. This includes complete runs of every major series in trade paperback and hardcover editions, reprints and studies of all genres in all formats, classic and perennial favourites like Batman, cutting-edge superheroes like Daredevil, ground-breaking literary prize winners like Maus and movie inspirations like Ghost World.

Legends is always interested in buying collections: don’t underestimate what yours is worth!

We are also happy to stock self-published zines, indie comics, and artwork by local and new talent.

Gareth and Lloyd

Gareth and Lloyd in 2D

Gareth Gaudin is the award-winning cartoonist of the Magic Teeth Dailies, the adventures of the irrepressible Perogy Cat. He also produces records and CDs for local and international bands. Gareth is one of the foremost dealers in vintage comics on the continent with over 4000 positive feedbacks on eBay and holds a BFA in Visual Arts from UVic.

Lloyd Chesley began collecting comic books forty years ago. He makes documentaries and writes on movies and comics for publications like Broken Pencil Magazine, MovieMaker Magazine (use the serch window for “Fritz Lang” and read “the lost interview”) and Variety.