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Guest blogger Joel here to remind you that you should come down to Legends to get the latest on what’s happening in the crazy world of comics. Check out this list of 5 awesome books released in the last couple years!

Here are 5 of my favourite books (that were released in the last couple years)

We could talk about all the books, but that would be crazy.

  • Necronomicon – Words are a virus and one cop is out to stop a group of cultists from…OH GOD what? fish rape.
  • Unwrritten – Follow the adventures of Harry Potter Tommy as he comes to grips with life as a fictional character in the real world, that is also fictional. Very meta
  • Asterios Pollyp – Middle aged architect goes on a introspective journey as he hunts for what makes life worth living (it’s sex).
  • Tonoharu – Young english teacher in Japan goes on an introspective journey to discover waht makes life worth living (it’s the ability to beat crushing loneliness and sex)
  • Aya – A happy, upbeat and optimistic story of a girl living in Africa. Totally charming and unexpected.