Legends Comics and Books


Our beautiful little store is packed with wonderful reading material.

Unfortunately this makes it a poor environment to promote social distancing.

Therefore we are closing the store to browsing.

But don’t worry. You may still order comics and books so you will have the good stuff to read while you self isolate.

Just give us a call at 250-388-3696.

Or email legendscomics@shaw.ca.

We will take your order and arrange a time when you can come pick it up at the door.

We also offer delivery to your door in our area.

And we can mail your order to you.

Please consider giving a credit card number at the time of the order as this will speed up your visit. At this time we prefer not to handle cash.

We hope all our customers are able to stay healthy in these perilous times. We recommend that you follow all measures of protection as advised by the health experts which is why we are taking these measures to keep Legends a safe place.

Be well!

Read well!

We hope and expect to see you soon in all our social venues as this, too, shall pass.

Gareth & Lloyd
Legends Comics & Books