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Sep 24


Legends presents the inaugural PACIFIC COMICS ART FESTIVAL in conjunction with THE VICTORIA WRITERS FESTIVAL, October 12 and 13 on the Lansdowne campus of Camosun College, Victoria, B.C. Great writers and great events. Watch this space for more announcements.

May 17

Complete Fantastic Four Collection

We just got a run of original Jack Kirby masterpieces. Fantastic Four from Issue 31 to Issue 150, complete and unabridged. Come see for yourself (or just email queries and requests).

Apr 4

Lloyd and Gareth creat comics TOGETHER now!

Feb 10

New Vintage Silver Age Comic Collection Arrives!

Daredevil #1 from April 1964

with art by Steve Ditko, JAck Kirby and Bill Everett! One of Marvel's finest efforts!

Feb 8

I like comics

Hey there,

Guest blogger Joel here to remind you that you should come down to Legends to get the latest on what’s happening in the crazy world of comics. Check out this list of 5 awesome books released in the last couple years!

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Oct 27


We are very pleased to represent a collection of stellar examples of the best days of the UNDERGROUND COMICS. Including a full run of ZAP as well as WEIRDO and ARCADE, not to mention those FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROS. this collection represents the best of a halcyon era of comic art. From Crumb to Spiegelman the giants of the movement are jammed in our store. A rare chance to be enthralled and offended by the best.

Oct 20

New Alan Moore book! NEONOMICON!

In hardcover and softcover! Available now! The newest Alan Moore masterpiece, Neonomicon. Scary H.P. Lovecraft horror. Delightful and pleasant. A must-read.

Oct 19

Kate Beaton’s book Hark! A Vagrant is BRILLIANT.

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the hysterical, historical, creative explosion that is Canada’s own Kate Beaton, please consider doing so. She’s all over the internet. Oh, and her new book is available too: Hark! A Vagrant.

Sep 17

New Magic Teeth issue #45 arrives.

What are my two favourite items from the 20th Century? Why, comic books and vinyl records of course! I guess this is why I spend all of my hard-earned money producing thousands of each. I’m only mentioning it here, because I guess that’s how a real sales pitch is supposed to work. But what do I know?

Sep 16


The spectacular splash page for Batwoman #1

The spectacular splash page for Batwoman #1

Come see us eat our words as we are forced to admit that the DC reboot of 52 new titles is more than a gimmick and more than an excuse to frustrate obsessive completist collectors. In fact we are ecstatically enthusiastic about Grant Morrison’s daring Action Comics (“Because that ain’t Superman!”),Batwoman with visionary art by J. H. Williams III (right), and the unholy wholly original writing of Animal Man by Canada’s genius boy wonder Jeff Lemire. “They” were right. It isn’t time to stop reading DC. It’s time to start!

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